PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BNS Kalıp olarak sizin için yapabileceklerimiz...

Blowing Molds

Blowing molds are one of those manufactures which need serious experience and higher-up sensibility.


Spare Parts

Producing any spare part you may need in your PET-PE blowing and filling facility, our company also keeps various spare parts ready to use in its stock.


Mold Maintenance and Alterations

With the delivery of your existing molds, the maintenance service prepared in accordance with your demands is carried...


Product Design Support

We present our customers the designs prepared in accordance with their needs.

BNS MOLD Molding is our job.

Keeping standard measurements of many blowing machines in its archive, our company manages mold production without asking for any sample or measurement we have the possibility of delivering your orders in a shorter time with the things we keep in our mold and spare part stocks.

PRODUCTION BNS Kalıp olarak sizin için yapabileceklerimiz...

Design Unit

BNS Mold design team, in every step of design, is in endeavour of using every opportunity technology serves effectively.



Increasing the capacity in the department of machinery every year, our company serves effectively with its experienced and well-equipped team.


Surface Preparation Unit

Details are very significant in spare parts and blowing molds with which tolerance is not available.


Control Unit

BNS Mold, acts with the principle of producing faultlessly and on time. By this means, for either our company or our customers we aim to keep loss..